tyler butler

Title Droppers

In my line of work, I deal with uppity people every day. When you’re in the position to serve people, you will no doubt encounter countless people who think their problem is more important than everyone else’s. This is to be expected. But what really gets me is when some fool appends their official job title to the end of their email communications, or in a phone conversation, for the sole purpose of getting better service because they’re “important.” If anything, it makes me do the exact opposite. If they think they’re that important, then screw them. I do not care if you’re the executive vice consul presidential aid’s assistant. You will wait, just like everyone else. Screw you and your self-important ego. We’ll see how you talk to me when I’m a millionaire at 25.

PS. Something else that bugs me is people that feel it necessary to include all of their titles in their email signature. This is especially troublesome for students. For example, there was a semester when I could have signed all my emails like this:

Tyler Butler
President, Delta Tau Delta, Gamma Beta Chapter
President, Keygrips Films
Technical Manager, OTS Support Desk
Team Lead, IPRO 305, HawkTour Project

Now really… for any given email, only one title makes sense. I don’t need to notify the world that I am involved in lots of different things. If I write an email where a title the pertains to me is relevant, then I’ll include it. Otherwise, I’ll let my actions, not my titles, speak for me.