tyler butler

Congratulations Hawktour!

I’m pleased to say that the Hawktour project came away from IPRO Day with the website award, and picked up second place in their track. I am really proud of the team and how they managed to come together even though I abandoned them half way through this semester. Santhosh did a great job pulling everything together. Even though we didn’t win our category, for three semesters we have been a top-ranked team, and it’s a source of great personal pride to know that I was instrumental in getting us there.

But the real boon this semester was to finally beat out our arch-nemesis in the website category, IPRO 329. They have consistently beat us in the website category for the past two semesters, even though we have consistently improved our site and they have done very little, if anything at all, to theirs. At the beginning of the semester, Satish (the designer of the website that rocketed us to website stardom three semesters ago) said that it was his goal to win that category this semester. I am glad he made it happen. Topping them was an even bigger deal than winning our category. I feel that IPRO Day is a bit of a sham anyway. Of course, we’ll take the awards if they want to give them to us.

Check out the award-winning Hawktour website, and see why all IPROs should strive to be as good as we are.