tyler butler

Building tylerbutler.com on MOSS

It was a bit of a toss-up whether to categorize this post under Geekdom, Daily Dose of Tyler, or Work, since this project certainly has a bit of all three. However, since I haven’t gotten around to implementing arbitrary tagging on my site, I can only pick one, so I went with work. Anyway, as you can see from visiting this site, I am in the process of transitioning things from my old GeekLog-based system to MOSS 2007. (A quick note on GeekLog - I love it. It’s been great for me, it has a lot of great features, it’s customizable, highly recommended! The only reason I’m moving is because I helped build MOSS, and I like it a lot.)

Anyway, you can follow my progress by checking out my first post on this process at the Enterprise Content Management blog. There will be several more posts over there, and I am working on an in-depth piece-by-piece feature breakdown for the site that I’ll put up here at some point. Gotta get the site finished first, though.

This is a bit of a sandbox right now, as I am still actively working on the implementation of the site. It might go up and down, and things will probably look wrong. Feel free to send me bug reports if you find something that looks wrong.