tyler butler

I Hate Security Questions

Several of my banks have been “upgrading” their security since the beginning of the year. I have pretty much accepted the fact that “upgrading” security means my blood pressure will needlessly rise the next time I try to access my account.

The latest security craze seems to be these security questions. “Mother’s maiden name” apparently doesn’t cut it anymore. Security questions drive me insane, because there’s invariably a finite set of options I have to choose from. Favorite childhood superhero? Name of firstborn child? What is this crap? None of it is easy for me to remember! Why don’t you let me pick my own question and my own answer? Now I have to remember some “fact” that I made up as an arbitrary answer to some stupid question that a bank decided was an excellent way to distinguish me from some sorry thief.

To add insult to injury, many times I have to select** two or more** security questions. **OMG. I hate banks so much.**