tyler butler


I’m at MIX! Got in late last night. Wow, Vegas is nuts. So gaudy – lights, sounds, smells everywhere. It’s pretty overwhelming. The Venetian is fantastically humongous. I have to walk a mile from my room to the part of the hotel where MIX is actually taking place. First time in a 5-star hotel for me, so I am pleased.

Right now I am sitting in the keynote session waiting for it to get started at 9:30 PST. There’s a pretty cool “screen saver” thing that is loading live [Twitter][1] comments from MIX attendees and displaying them on the screen in real-time. Pretty cool. Not a big Twitter fan myself, but it’s certainly being used in interesting ways here at MIX.

There’s a three piece band playing with an accordion, violin, upright bass, and assorted other instruments. One attendee described it as a love child between Tom Waits and Oingo Boingo. Did I just hear a glockenspiel? A freakin’ Theremin too? Fantastic…

Well, keynote should start shortly… More coming up…

[1]: http://twitter.com/ ()