tyler butler

In Portland? Get Breakfast!

Seriously, the next time you’re in Portland, go to Sanborn’s and get some breakfast. Freaking amazing food. Elizabeth and I went there last weekend during our trip down there. Despite the fact that we got lost (I blame our crummy GPS technology – or maybe it was the navigator?), once we found it it lived up to the hype. Definitely get the biscuits – I am drooling right now just thinking about them… The pancakes and omelette’s were also very very good. It was busy, but service was decent. We also went to Lucy’s Table for dinner, which I can also highly recommend. Excellent food and service, though it was a bit pricey. I’d liken it to Café Juanita in Kirkland in terms of quality and atmosphere. Unfortunately, not all of our dining experiences in the City of Roses were good. Despite good reviews on CitySearch, the J&M Café left a lot to be desired. Not outright bad, but definitely nothing to write home about. Meh. And also note that the only Sonic within 200 miles of Seattle is in a Portland suburb. Mmmmmm, so worth the drive.