tyler butler

From Diary to Blog

Well, as you can see because you’re here, my diary has been moved here to a blog. The word “blog,” for all of you not well-versed in Internet terminology, is short for Web Log. A Blog is basically an online journal or diary where people (in this case, mainly me) can post their thoughts, links to cool things, etc. I started a diary last summer, but I didn’t keep it very updated, and once school started up, I actually forgot all about it. Now summer is here again, and I am bored out of my mind. I tend to read a lot more now, because I am so bored, and because of this, I have a lot more things that I want to respond to. Also, because it is summer, many of my friends are gone, so I have less people to talk to. So this blog gives me something to do. Also, a blog is really cool because it allows people to post comments. So if you’re a friend of mine, or even a complete stranger, and you have something you want to say, post a comment in response to one of my posts! Anyway, that’s about it.