tyler butler


As I was walking home for my lunch break today, I noticed a car that had broken down in at a stop light, slowing traffic down and bringing out the worst in many Chicago drivers that happened to be stuck behind the car. As I walked by, a fire truck passed through the intersection, pulled over, and three firemen and a paramedic got out and helped the man push his car out of the intersection.

No one called the fire department – they were just on their way back to a station, saw someone in need, and helped him. They didn’t have to. No one would have thought anything of it if they had just driven on by, but they didn’t. It’s nice to see that people still help each other out. Is it possible I’m just surrounded by the only self-centered, egotistical people in the entire world here at Illinois Tech? Nah, I’m sure they’re everywhere, but thankfully, so are fire fighters.