tyler butler

The Big Move (Part 1)

I have been looking for a new apartment for what seems like forever. I started out with 5 other roommates, but when they decided to go into a house that just wasn’t up to my standards, I struck out on my own and started looking for one- bedroom places. Unfortunately, the search was tough. Many places I looked at were either in fairly bad shape or just too expensive for the size. I was getting pretty discouraged, especially since my financial situation isn’t exactly great and time was running out.

On Saturday of last week (August 7) I looked at a 2 1/2 room studio apartment on Hamilton Avenue, close to the corner of 35th and Archer. I liked what I saw

  • and I liked the price, too. It was a little further from campus than I had hoped (about a 15-minute drive, depending on the lights), but it had beautiful hardwood floors, a large walk-in closet, and was in pretty good shape. It also smelled great, which, considering some of the other places I looked at, was a definite plus. The landlord was understanding of my financial situation, and I explained to him that I wouldn’t be able to pay until later the following week because my bank is stupid. That was fine with him, so I crossed my fingers and waited until Friday so my bank would finally ackowledge that I had the necessary funds in my account (have I mentioned yet that I despise banks?).

Thankfully (and miraculously), my bank cleared the funds just before I needed to make the withdrawal for the security deposit and first month’s rent. I headed over to the landlord’s office, got everything in order, and had the keys in my hand in less than an hour. It felt really good to have the keys in my hand. I grabbed Alex’s camera and headed over to get some pictures before I destroyed the place with my stuff. Some of the best ones are here. Others are available in the download section. Click on the photos below to get an even bigger photo.