tyler butler

Firefox Extensions (Updated)

I have quite a few Firefox extensions that I find extremely useful, so I thought I’d share them.

Update 09/22/2004

OK, so the new version of Firefox (1.0PR) just isn’t cooperating with TabBrowser Extensions and pop-ups. I want my pop-ups to appear in new tabs, but I don’t want all of them blocked - especially in GMail. Despite adding the GMail domain to the Exceptions list in the Firefox pop-up blocker, things still won’t work. I think the problem is with TabBrowser Extensions, since disabling it made everything work again. Anyway, in the meantime, I have tried to find a few other smaller extensions that will emulate the TabBrowser Extensions functionality to get around this. Here’s what I’m using right now.

One minor aesthetic problem is with TabX. It just puts simple X’s for close buttons, unlike the nice looking red buttons that TBE puts there. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers, right? I just hope that TBE doesn’t cause these problems when a new version is released.