tyler butler

No More Anonymous Comments

I have, after much thought, decided to disable anonymous commenting on this site. For one thing, there are actually blog spammers who hit me with a few long non-sensical spam comments every once in awhile. But I could deal with that – and if I had the time, I could even upgrade Geeklog so it would block most of the spam. But that wasn’t the real problem – the real problem is that people post comments and I have absolutely no idea who they are. Most of my friends are nice – Patrick and Kim usually sign their comment posts, which is nice. There are, however, a few people who never do, and I am forced to go looking through my access logs to figure out what IP accessed the site at the approximate time the comment was posted, then lookup the IP and see if I can think of anyone I might know that uses ISP. While I certainly do enjoy being Sherlock Holmes on occasion, this is just too much. So Pat, Kim, Ricardo, and anyone else who indulges me by reading this, please just set yourself up an account and post your comments – I really do like it when you post comments. It makes me feel all warm and bubbly inside.