tyler butler

Irony of Ironies

One of my peeves is having to register for websites just to view their content. You’ll notice that while you do have to sign up for my site to post comments (the reasoning is in this post), my content is always visible to everyone.

That’s one reason I love BugMeNot.com, a website that stores usernames and passwords that can be used to access these types of sites without registering yourself. There’s even a nifty Firefox extension that will automatically fill in forms with BugMeNot data for you. Do you need any more reason to get Firefox?

Anyway, there’s a story at the NYTimes site about “life’s little annoyances,” and it mentions having to register for websites. But guess what, in order to read New York Times articles online, you have to register. Gosh, that’s dumb. Perfect time to try out BugMeNot.com! The article itself is interesting, though, and has some good ideas about how to stick it to the junk mail advertisers. I think I’m going to start doing some of the stuff in there, like stuffing Business reply envelopes with heavy paper and sending it back just to make the company pay for the postage. Take that suckers!