tyler butler

Being Sick Sucks

Guh. I hate being sick. And of course it has to hit me during my four-day Thanksgiving weekend. To make matters worse, today is the only day this entire weekend that has been sunny. I’ll probably force myself to hobble outside at some point to get some vitamin E, though. You can’t waste a day like this, considering what the weather’s been like out here lately.

Anyway, I feel like I’ve got malaria. I know it isn’t (if it was, I’d still be in bed), but the nausea and fever/chills reminds me too much of it. Oh well, even if it is, I’ve survived it before, so I can do it again. The only thing that would make this suck less is if my mom was here. She would serve me soup and Sprite until I felt better. Mmmm… Luckily mom and dad’ll be back in the US this Christmas, so maybe I can get sick again while they’re here. Gotta live it up while you can.