tyler butler

New Music

Since I’ve moved out here to Seattle, I have discovered a ton of awesome new music. There are a ton of good local bands (Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, Presidents of the USA, and of course Pearl Jam…), and several more great ones from Portland (The Decemberists, for example). Plus thre is a great support for local bands and good music in general from the radio stations out here, especially 107.7 The End. For all the complaining I do about Seattle, the music scene is pretty good, and much more accessible than Chicago’s (I do still terribly miss 97.1 The Drive, though. Thank God for internet radio broadcasting!)

Anyway, it would take me forever to write individual reviews about all the great music I’ve found, so I’m just going to give brief synopsis of some of the best new stuff I’ve been listening to.


The End has a new music show every weeknight, and I have heard some fantasic stuff on it, including this band. You can stream a couple of their songs online from their website, MorningwoodRocks.com (direct link to the music page here). You have to listen to The Nth Degree - it’s so awesome. Reminds me a bit of The New Pornographers for some reason. It’s very poppy, but it works somehow without sounding too bubblegum. I was psyched when I found out you can buy some of their stuff in the iTunes Music Store! When I played it for my friend Dan, he said, “I want more Morningwood!” I heartily concur.

The Books

This summer at Microsoft, while our intern population was quite high, I started a music-listening thing. We’d get together in a conference room and everyone would play a song they thought no one else had heard. We only met a few times, but I am definitely doing it again next year. This band was one that a guy named Gilbert Bernstein brought in. Fantastic stuff. He played the song “Tokyo” for us, and it remains my favorite. Unfortunately, I can’t find any of their stuff on iTunes, but Rolling Stone has some more info on them, and you can buy the discs from Amazon if you can’t find it anywhere else. If you want to have a listen beforehand, try Tokyo for starters. Stylistically it’s pretty indicative of what you can expect from them. Good stuff.