tyler butler

Speaking at MIX

Exciting news! My session for MIX ‘07 was approved, so it looks like I’ll be in Vegas at the end of the month. Unfortunately, it’s sold out, so if you’re not already registered, you’re unfortunately out of luck as far as I can tell. However, I’m told all sessions will be recorded and available on the web for everyone to see as early as the day after the session, so I’ll post a link to it here for those who are interested.

The title of the session is “Internet Sites with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007,” which is sufficiently broad that there should be plenty to talk about. Do you have specific things you’re interested in learning about, or that you think I should talk about in my session? Feel free to drop me a line and let me know. I’ll also be at the MIX Chat on Wednesday afternoon, so swing by and say hello.

And if you want to see some particularly poor yet frenetic dancing, join me at PURE on Tuesday night. Believe me, there’s nothing quite like a Microsoft Program Manager out on the dance floor…