tyler butler

New tylerbutler.com

I’ve just pushed out a brand new version of tylerbutler.com. It’s a completely original redesign from the ground up, and is built using a static blog engine I wrote called Engineer. I can now write posts in Markdown, save them to a folder that gets synced everywhere via Dropbox, and reap the speed and huge scale benefits that come with a static site. I’ll be posting a bit more about Engineer soon, and the source will be up on GitHub eventually as well.

One of the major goals when rebuilding the site was to encourage me to write again. My last post was in January of last year, and the last substantial post was long before that. That’s just… embarrassing…

I haven’t decided whether to migrate any of my old posts over or not. There’s frankly not a lot of it that’s relevant at this point, and the prospect of making a completely fresh start has quite a bit of appeal. We’ll see. Most likely I’ll leave them up at some archive site for my own benefit (I learn a lot from periodically going back to old stuff I wrote and reading it again with fresh eyes). The world will weep to lose them, I’m sure.

Anyway, here’s hoping I’ll be writing more often soon. I have no excuses!