This site is built using Engineer, a static site generator I wrote myself after being inspired by Brent Simmons, Marco Arment’s Second Crack, Jekyll, Octopress, and Hyde. It’s written in Python and uses Jinja2 for templating. I use the management site available with Engineer (aka Emma) to manage my posts, which in turn runs on Bottle.

The design of the site is also by me and comes bundled as the default theme in Engineer. It makes heavy use of the excellent Foundation framework.

Fonts are Museo Slab, Myriad Pro, Anonymous Pro, and Kulturista Web, all served via Typekit.

Most of my site and projects are hosted at WebFaction, but serves some of it occasionally as well. Domain hosting is handled by Hover.

Disclosure: Clicking through some of these links will kick a little money my way via various affiliate programs.